Proven Quality

Better than New Oil

NextGen starts from a better place than crude oil. Used oil has less contaminants and more oil molecules, so it's better than crude for making new oil. Using the same refining processes as crude, we then make recycled oil better with our special additives for a formula that exceeds industry specifications and delivers the same Valvoline protection. NextGen is so good, it's backed by our Engine Guarantee Program.

Better than New Oil

Best of all, because recycling saves resources, NextGen protects more than your engine—it also protects the environment. And that makes NextGen even better than new oil.

Reformulated to exceed industry standards

NextGen motor oil delivers the performance and protection you demand for your car. And it's backed by our exclusive Engine Guarantee for 100% Valvoline protection.

We select only the highest quality recycled base oils for NextGen—those that match premium base oils. Then we painstakingly re-refine them through the same processes used for refining crude oil. Finally, we add Valvoline's award-winning formulation to create a breakthrough motor oil that surpasses all the latest API specifications.

Made from 50% recycled oil, NextGen reduces the need for new drilling and crude oil refining. It cuts fossil fuel use, lowers emissions and reduces environmental impact.

Valvoline is an independent producer of motor oil. So we've looked a long time for a quality alternative to virgin crude. Only now does the technology exist to make recycled oil that meets our high performance standards. The fact that NextGen helps reduce everyone's carbon footprint is really just perfect timing.

NextGen Breakthrough Technology

In the past, used oil was recycled through acid-clay treatment that removed some contaminants, but the quality was not suitable for Valvoline motor oil. But today's oil recycling uses the same refining processes used for crude oil refining, including hydro-treating and distillation techniques to remove contaminants and used-up additives. This process results in recycled base oils that can have the same quality and performance as base oils made from virgin crude.

But it's still important to carefully select the best of these recycled base oils because just like crude oil refining, the quality of recycled base oils can vary greatly. That's why we only use recycled oils that meet the same strict standards as we apply to our other products.

But we also understand that you have the highest standards for what you put your car. And that's why we created NextGen to not only exceed industry standards but to match our higher standards and yours.

NextGen recycled oil exceeds industry standards and meets Valvoline's.

Why is Valvoline the First Major National Brand with Recycled Oil?

Like you, we are increasingly concerned about the planet we share, and determined to do all that we can to lessen our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

We are an independent motor oil company, meaning that we do not drill our own oil like our major competitors do. This frees us to explore new and innovative ways to conserve this precious resource.

We've been under the hood for 140 years, developing conventional motor oil, racing motor oil, synthetic blend motor oil and high mileage motor oil. So it's only natural that we'd also develop a motor oil focused on the future.

Guaranteed Performance Guaranteed Satisfaction

Valvoline is so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase that it backs all of its NextGen products with a 100% Guarantee.

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